Friday, April 26, 2019


Towering tree 

with protective branches
Not to be cut down
and used as a crutch
or a stump.
Fuck that Giving Tree bullshit,
just another way to indoctrinate and exploit
women and mothers throughout time.

Get off your ass, young man
and show some respect
for your MOTHER.
Fierce waves crashing in the sea
and blustering wind,
rain pouring down your face
as you cry bitter tears
grieving your failures and missteps.
Did you think you wouldn’t make them?
Own them.
So you can own your own power.

Then come to me,
face wet, muscles soft.
Come to me as the little boy
under all that posturing and rustling of feathers.

There we will meet,
two travelers
with open hearts.
And I will take you in my arms,
like the sweet runaway bunny
coming home.
There I am all tenderness
and love for you.
I will dry your tears 
and remind you who you are.
Then send you on your way, 
to try again.

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