Saturday, January 12, 2019

You can’t break this heart

I’m older than time
Even though I occasionally forget
I can tap back into Her womb
And lose my little self to the bigger one
Both mother and daughter
I sit here amazed
Who is it that watches me?
Who witnesses my thoughts,
Who acts?
Who feels the emotions
And who allows them to wash over clean?
I love the smile that inches across my face
As I dissolve in meditation
Realizing my story is one of many
Wrapping back through a deep, deep Herstory
But how do we go forward?

I am perched on the moment
Eager and tingling
What of me will be carried forward?
Through my daughter, my daughter’s daughter, my son?
How would their father carry on if I were not here?
Even he once said he would make the small details special because that is what I do.
Something settled inside me,
Maybe this is my imprint on time