Friday, June 15, 2018

Soul mate

Time bends
when I am with you.
30 minutes can feel like 3 days.
6 months, a lifetime.
Space stretches to embrace us.

You may be halfway around the world,
but we share the same air.
Our hearts still beat in unison
and our laughter sends ripples 
across the ocean.

I close my eyes and 
touch my toes to the sweet kiss of water,
radiating from your shores.
Your sparkling eyes gaze at me lovingly 
from Her reflection.
She, our willing messenger.

Even the mountains and rocks 
seem to recognize us.
Reincarnation of Savitri,
the love that breaks 
the chains of time, of lifetimes.
To have found each other again in this one,
after such a long, arduous journey,
is a gift I treasure.
Fully aware I am living on borrowed time,
I am grateful.

It is this awareness that allows us to sink
below the surface
and savor the moments granted,
Shimmering in water,
as the precious treasures
They are.

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