Friday, June 15, 2018


Your breath called me over the sea.
My body tense, resistant, stubborn.
But today I felt Your air on me
Kiss of angels’ wings
Whispered across my skin
And my pores opened to hear You.

Sudden intake of air
to recover what I once lost.
Like a precious trinket, 
shimmering beneath the water,
I remembered
the innocence you stole
the last time I walked this earth.
You stole what was never yours.
And now She calls me back to reclaim it.

And I run, 
muscles strong,
lion ink bold on my arm.
Music pounds in my veins,
as I find my way back.
To hold you,
to console you,
to tell you it will all be all right.
That we overcome and rise above in the end.

Looking back, it is he who turns to dust.
And I walk triumphant into the sunset.

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