Monday, May 7, 2018

The Word

Is there power in a word? 
Could it hold the power of creation?
Do we speak our way into existence? 
The Christians say:
In the beginning was the word and the word was GOD. 
Toltec shamans say:
Be impeccable with your word. 
Because it’s how we define our world. 
How we define ourselves. 

If so, we should be careful with the labels we use. 
Careful about the stories we tell, of ourselves and others. 
For our mouths can heal or maim.
Be magical incantations or angry weapons. 
Which do we choose? 

I’ve often wondered why we knock each other down rather than build each other up.
My son laughs at me when I ask why there aren’t video games of how many people you help and inspire rather than how many you can shoot and kill?
But really, why pay homage to the hatred, give our attention to the fear eating our world?
And why do we want to lend our words to those of the oppressors?  
Why do we do their work for them? 
Make it easy to defeat us? 
Make us question ourselves, doubt and divide each other. 
Why do we repeat their mantra that CRUEL is powerful? 
It seems to me we’ve already lost the war when we destroy ourselves to prove ourselves. 

But then again,
We’re the ones who have given those words their power: bitch, cunt, whore…
We’ve loaded them with their meaning. 
What if we simply stripped them of their meaning? 
The whole structure implodes and crumbles…

But then I’ve denied the power of the Word. 
And without the Word, I am nothing.

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