Sunday, May 6, 2018


The wind is singing to me,
sacred and sweet.
I keep thinking I will wake,
and find myself dreaming.
But instead, you reach out your hand,
silently reminding me
to take another leap.
With each step, walls tremble.
Shatter into a thousand reflections.
Leaving nothing but turquoise sky.
I’m dizzy from the freedom
I was trained never to see.

Reclaim my birthright.
Sing a liberation song.
Not some misguided homage
to an arbitrary nation or religion,
but to the simple miracle of being alive.
Breath, the great equalizer.
Air shared and mingling,
roots intertwined.
Open palms stretch to the heavens.
Choose me. 
Choose life. 
Choose wings.

When I do,
You are there.
Eyes, a burning fire.
Blazing through illusions,
strata accumulated over millennia,
and blown away like loose sand.
My body is kindling,
offered to an open flame.
We walk on water.
Dive through air.
Laugh through solid rock.
Because we do not hold on to injury.
Refuse to be broken.
Claim our ancestry from before time began.

No rings to bind.
No ties to strangle.
No forms to sign.
Just a simultaneous melting,
fluidly melding into one.
You are the nest I return to,
but also the form of clouds as I soar.
A permeable essence,
where questions lose shape
and morph into knowing.
And doubts dissolve

into a smile.

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