Sunday, December 31, 2017

Liminal Spaces

An ode to the men in my life

“Waves need the shore to crest” 
-Mark Nepo

Thank you
for your broad shoulders
and firm stance
deep voices
sculpted muscles
and endearing paunches.

The hot stolen glances
and electric touch
that sends tremors from skin to soul in seconds.
The curious turn of a phrase that catches me off guard
and jolts me out of my seriousness with a chuckle.

Your counter beat liberates me from the sticky web
of my mind’s labyrinthine thoughts.
You season my words
Lighten my journey
And deepen my story.

How many times have you
smoothed the wrinkles in my brow
coaxed my clenched fist 
to soften and stretch into long, graceful fingers again
and let the poison built up like stored fat
be suctioned out with a snug hug or laugh.

Thank you for your 
and compassion
that allows me to slap up against your shore
so I can rise tall and powerful
before I tuck and curl
to splash down once again in this playful dance.

May we always find each other
weaving in and out of these liminal spaces
in between labels
evading defininitions
and dissolving borders

I am grateful
sweet brothers
for the gift of balance
in your presence
I bite my lip
and savor the pleasure a bit longer.

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