Sunday, December 31, 2017

Free Radical

  I’ve pulled up roots again 
  and am drifting,
  a dandelion searching 
  for fertile soil.
  I stretch my arms wide,
  and close my eyes.
  Lean into the billowing wind 

  and take flight.

  Giddy from the height,
  I trace backwards flips 

  in the sky. 
  Spin butterfly silk 
  from my belly 
  to catch me 
  as I free-fall.
  I hitch a ride 
  on dancing electrons, 
  Balance tippy toe
  on the explosion 

  of disrupted bonds.

  Wherever I go, 
  there’s only the illusion 
  of being solid,
  I’m just space breathing 

  into more space. 
  My skin, 
  a porous barrier,
  allowing me 

  to bend and flex.
  I’m more aware than ever 
  how random it is,
  that only gravity 

  holds me to the earth. 

1 comment:

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